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Featured Painting:
The Distribution, acrylic on canvas, 2013

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This site can present only a small portion from a large body of work. We have sorted a selection into category folders. Any one or more of these folders will be e-mailed at no cost to anyone interested in digging deeper into the work of Guy Colwell. Some galleries, art writers and collectors have expressed a desire to know more about this inventory.  To narrow your perusal to only work available for exhibition please request Vol. 22.
Vol.1&2 Figurative Social Realism and Social Surrealism
Vol.3&4 Surrealism
Vol.5 Animals
Vol.6 Nude Drawings from Life
Vol.7 European Travel Drawings
Vol.8 Drawings and Paintings from a Southern African Journey
Vol.9 Drawings and Paintings from Algeria
Vol.10 Murals and Mosaics
Vol.11&12 Nude and Erotic Drawings and Paintings
Vol.13 Drawings and Paintings done while Incarcerated
Vol.14 Prints
Vol.15 Miniatures
Vol.16 Masterwork Copies
Vol.17 Portraits and Self Portraits
Vol.18 Landscapes
Vol.19 Abstracts and Experiments
Vol.20 Still Life
Vol.21 Experiments from Art School and Early 60's
Vol.22 Solo Show (only work available for exhibition)
Vol.23 Gpmfgnd
Vol.24 Comics/Pubs/Cover Art
Vol.25 Theater Art
Vol.26 Political Cartoons and Caricatures
Vol.27 Coloring Books

If you would like to see the contents of any one or more of these folders, please use this site's e-mail to request and it will be sent to your inbox.  Thanks for your interest.


Purchases of artwork by Guy Colwell will be taken through Paypal.
For inquiries, please use the email link above.

Recent Acquisitions, Exhibitions
Sacred Rose Tattoo Gallery, Berkeley, New and Recent Paintings and drawings
Mariya Kannon Gallery, Hiroshima Japan, social realist and surrealist drawings.
Triton Museum, Santa Clara, "Splintering Humanity", paintings.
• The Crocker Art Museum, Sacramento, has acquired the painting "Epidemic".
• The Pritikin Museum, San Francisco, has added pieces to their permanent collection, hosted special exhibitions.
• City College of San Francisco
Other private collections with recently acquired work
• J. Paul Ghetto Collection, Oakland
• Robert Crumb Collection, France
• S. Clay Wilson Collection, San Francisco
• Ron Turner Collection, San Francisco
• Felix Dennis Collection, London, New York, Mustique
• Jay and Dixie Kinney Collection, San Francisco
• Matt Gonzalez Collection, San Francisco
• Susan Cervantes Collection, San Francisco
• Gaylord Willis Collection, San Francisco, Alabama
• Dr. Ben Teoh Collection, Australia
• Hans Grein Collection, Germany
• Alan Korn Collection, Berkeley
· Mark Bode Collection

Some words from reviews and comments used to describe the paintings of Guy Colwell

"...dazzling, challenging, epic in scale..."
"...poignant and memorable..."
"...penetrating and accusing..."
"...politically charged..."
"...vibrant depictions of people and animals..."
"...incisive and important..."
"...veteran aesthetic practitioner..."
"...repeated viewing is recommended..."
"...true to his artistic and political calling..."
"...levity and relevance..."
"...this painting will live in history..."
"...socially conscious..."
"...gravitas dressed in bright colors..."
"...powerful statements against violence..."
"...colorful and abrasive..."
"...densely-peopled tableau of dramatically-pregnant life scenes..."
"...crisp and steely-serious social commentary..."
"...a modern Brueghal..."
"...some of the finest American art..."
"...a master...owe it to yourself to see..."
"...a prickly heat power one does not forget quickly..."
"...distinctive and unsettling vision..."
"...a steely hardness beneath saccharine prettiness..."
" edge of nastiness..."
"...a peoples' artist..."
"...there flows a kind of stoic faith in humanity..."

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